NEW: Social Media Star Charged in Capitol Protest

(Patriot.Buzz) – Showcasing the legal bias against Republicans across the country, a social media personality known for her conservative views is facing federal charges over her involvement in the U.S. Capitol protest on January 6, 2021.

Specifically, influencer Isabella Maria DeLuca, who has amassed over 333,000 followers on X, was detained in California over three years after the chaotic events at the Capitol.

Originally from Long Island and with a history as a congressional intern, DeLuca is accused by federal authorities of being part of the group that removed a table from a U.S. Senate terrace room and delivered it to individuals outside. This table was later used in an assault on law enforcement officers, as noted in court documents.

Video footage showcases DeLuca entering the Capitol through a shattered window and going into a suite of conference rooms before going out through the same window. Additionally, the FBI documented her presence in several restricted areas during the Jan. 6 disturbance.

Charges leveled against her include misdemeanor offenses for theft of government property, disorderly conduct and unauthorized entry into a restricted area.

DeLuca openly discussed the events of Jan. 6 on her social media platforms and recounted her experience of being Maced amid the chaos.

In one instance she responded to a question about her participation in the Capitol breach by allegedly citing the Constitution, saying, “According to the constitution it’s our house.”

In a later reflection, she revealed she has mixed feelings and justified her actions by noting the public’s perception of a “stolen election.”

Despite initially denying she went into the Capitol when interviewed by federal agents, DeLuca’s legal problems have not silenced her online. Expressing gratitude for the support received, she also promoted a legal defense fund, which has already gathered nearly $1,800.

DeLuca has previously interned for former Representative Lee Zeldin of Long Island and Representative Paul Gosar of Arizona. She was also associated with the Gold Institute for International Strategy until the organization severed ties with her after her charges were disclosed.

DeLuca joins the ranks of approximately 1,300 individuals facing charges for their roles in the Capitol protest.

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