New Speaker No Friend of Biden


(Patriot.Buzz) – In a show of solid and decisive leadership, Mike Johnson, the recently elected Speaker of the House, has strongly supported the impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden regarding the Biden family’s business dealings.

In a speech, Johnson mentioned three primary reasons for the investigation, highlighting, “Number one, President Biden lied directly to the American people. Number two, President Biden’s family and their associates profited millions through shell companies. Number three, President Biden’s federal agencies are stonewalling our legitimate congressional inquiry.”

With a history of serving on influential committees, Johnson emphasized that these reasons were only the beginning of their concerns. He added, “There are so many scandals; there’s so much corruption that’s been uncovered. Every stone that we overturn leads to more and more corruption,” also suggesting that the volume of evidence can be overwhelming for many.

Johnson criticized the media for its portrayal of the investigation, stating it has supported the White House’s perspective. He cited headlines from various news outlets that seemed to downplay or mock the impeachment inquiry, implying a bias against the investigation.

Recently, Johnson highlighted an event where Biden received a $200,000 payment from James Biden, his brother. Johnson voiced concerns, saying, “.@JoeBiden received $200k payment from his brother James— Hunter Biden’s business partner. No one should get away with this— especially a President.”

In a recent exchange, Johnson grilled Attorney General Merrick Garland about claims made by IRS whistleblowers. They alleged political interference in the Justice Department’s investigation into Hunter Biden. Johnson was particularly keen on understanding if Garland had any direct contact regarding the investigation. Garland responded that he had no recollection of discussing the investigation with the FBI but assured that he would not interfere with ongoing inquiries.

The whistleblowers made various claims: that Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf did not permit inquiries about Joe Biden being “the big guy,” the DOJ hindered Special Counsel David Weiss from pressing more severe charges against Hunter Biden, and the IRS’s recommendations for charges against Hunter Biden were not sanctioned by Garland.