Texas Govs’ Advice for New York City

(Patriot.Buzz) – Underscoring the grave threat posed by the Biden administration’s open border policy, Texas Governor Greg Abbott criticized New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ decision to sue 17 charter and bus companies over the city’s migrant crisis, suggesting instead that the Mayor should be taking legal action against Joe Biden.

Speaking on “Fox News Sunday,” Abbott labeled Adams’ lawsuit, which seeks $708 million in damages, as legally baseless and misdirected. He stated that the responsibility for the influx of millions of illegal migrants lies with Biden’s policies, not the bus companies involved in transporting the migrants.

Abbott claimed Adams’ lawsuit violates the U.S. Constitution and is destined to fail because the migrants transported to New York were legally authorized to be in the U.S. by the Biden administration.

Pointing out a key legal flaw, Abbott stated, “The mayor is going to lose and lose badly, and I hope he is forced to pay the legal fees for the cost of anybody having to defend against that lawsuit.”

Filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, the lawsuit does not name Abbott or the state of Texas as defendants. It accuses the charter bus companies of profiting from Texas’ initiative to transport over 33,000 migrants to Democratic-led cities like New York, Chicago, and Denver.

The suit alleges that the companies charged exorbitant fees — over $1,650 per person, significantly more than the average ticket price from Texas to New York City — without contributing to the migrants’ care costs upon arrival.

In response to the ongoing crisis, the Adams administration has reportedly spent approximately $3.5 billion, with projections to reach $12 billion by the end of the 2025 fiscal year. Mayor Adams has taken measures beyond the lawsuit, including mandating bus companies to inform the city of their arrivals and imposing restrictions on migrant drop-off locations and times.

Additionally, Governor Abbott noted his repeated attempts to engage with the Biden administration regarding the border crisis, having sent eight letters without receiving any response. Instead, the U.S. Department of Justice has sued Texas over a new immigration law, which Abbott defends as a necessary measure to enforce laws set by Congress.