Thugs Attack High-Profile Landmarks

(Patriot.Buzz) – Showcasing how far extreme leftists are willing to go to advance their agenda, the University of Texas (UT) at Austin recently saw some of its famous landmarks and buildings hit with spray paint.

Vandals left messages like “Divest UT From Fossil Fuels” in orange, black and white paint all over the place basically telling the university to stop investing in fossil fuels. They even marked a sign near Guadalupe Street, which is a really old part of the campus, and around the Caesar Chavez statue in the West Mall area.

On another part of campus someone sprayed “Divest” on the base of a sculpture by Nancy Rubins called Monochrome near the Norman B. Hackerman building. And they didn’t stop there as the geosciences building got tagged too.

In response to these acts a cleaning crew had to be called to clean up all the graffiti.

Jackson Paul, who helps lead the Young Conservatives of Texas group at UT, was unhappy about the vandalism. He said it was wrong and it just made the campus look bad instead of helping anyone.

He added that vandalism stopped people from having real talks about climate change and how we use energy. He wished those responsible would actually try to talk about these issues instead of just making a mess.

There was also a protest outside Gregory Gymnasium with a similar message. People held up signs saying things like “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue – Ban Fossil Fuels.”

Last year the university had a big debate on whether they should keep putting money into fossil fuel companies and talked about whether it made sense for a place focused on learning and research to invest in businesses that deal with nonrenewable energy.

Student newspaper The Daily Texan said the University of Texas system has a huge $42 billion investment tied up with oil and gas businesses, which prompted UT students to demand the school to be more open about how much money they are making from these investments.