Trump Faced With Impossibility?

(Patriot.Buzz) – After being handed down a staggering fine in a Democratic witch hunt targeting his properties, former President Donald Trump’s legal representatives told a New York appellate court they would not be able to meet the prosecution’s demands.

Explaining the problem, the former president’s legal team stated it is impossible for Trump to secure a bond covering the entire million civil fraud judgment against him as he seeks to appeal the ruling.

In a document submitted to the court, Trump’s attorneys said he was unable to come up with an appeal bond for the full judgment amount due to other circumstances.

The total amount Trump is forced to pay, including interest, amounts to $456.8 million. When considering the combined sum he, his enterprise and senior executives owed, the figure shoots up to $467.3 million.

Trump’s legal team explained that collateral valued at $557 million would be necessary to guarantee a bond. Discussing their extensive efforts, they revealed they engaged 30 surety firms through four brokers to obtain such a bond.

A state appellate court justice previously ruled that the Republican presidential candidate must post a bond equal to the full amount to pause the judgment’s enforcement set to start on March 25.

The fine imposed on Trump followed Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron’s decision. He ruled that Trump had exaggerated his net worth to secure more advantageous loan conditions.

Trump firmly criticized Engoron in a series of posts on Truth Social, labeling him a “corrupt puppet” under the influence of New York Attorney General Letitia James.

Trump described the $456 million sum as “practically impossible” to pay and expressed concern that James could seize his properties if he failed to meet the deadline.

“I would be forced to mortgage or sell Great Assets, perhaps at Fire Sale prices, and if and when I win the Appeal, they would be gone. Does that make sense? WITCH HUNT. ELECTION INTERFERENCE!” Trump expressed in his social media outburst.

Furthermore, Trump slammed Engoron for undervaluing his Mar-a-Lago property at $18 million and for denying an appeal of that valuation before being required to post the $456 million bond.

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