VIDEO: CNN Refuses To Show THIS?!

(Patriot.Buzz) – Underscoring the leftwing media’s bias to only showcase news benefiting the Biden administration, CNN decided against broadcasting an advertisement from a conservative organization.

Building America’s Future’s ad credited the tragic death of 22-year-old Georgian nursing student Laken Riley to Joe Biden’s policies by highlighting her killer’s status as an illegal alien.

Watch the ad below.

While networks such as Fox News, MSNBC and Newsmax agreed to showcase the ad, CNN opted out and said its commercial clearance guidelines deemed the ad’s allegations as uncorroborated.

Phil Cox of Building America’s Future criticized CNN’s decision and accused the network of shielding Biden from scrutiny and silencing the narrative surrounding Riley’s death due to Biden’s soft border policies.

The network’s move sparked discussion on X, previously known as Twitter, with Fox News’ Guy Benson highlighting CNN’s refusal to air the ad which had been planned to air alongside the State of the Union address.

CNN’s refusal centered on the network’s claims that the ad’s arguments did not meet their substantiation criteria.

The disputed ad was part of a significant campaign aimed at spotlighting the dangers posed by the Biden administration’s immigration policies, including a specific focus on sanctuary city practices and the administration’s stance against deporting unlawful immigrants who cross the border.

It narrates the events leading to Riley’s death by emphasizing the perpetrator’s illegal entry into the U.S. and subsequent encounters with law enforcement that did not result in deportation and suggests that policies supported by Biden contributed to Riley’s murder, which poses a broader question about the safety implications of such policies for America.

This development stirred a broader conversation on immigration policy, a key issue for Republican voters, according to surveys indicating a strong concern over illegal immigration and a preference for strict immigration laws among the GOP base.

The debate over CNN’s decision reflects leftwing views on immigration policy in the U.S., which champion a softer stance toward aliens by justifying their presence as drivers of the country’s economy even if to the detriment of the general American population.

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