Voters Send Biden a Message

(Patriot.Buzz) – In a bombshell poll revealing voters are fed up with the current administration ahead of this year’s general election, former President Donald Trump holds a 5-point advantage over Joe Biden.

As revealed in the latest Harvard Center for American Political Studies survey, a large number of voters are concerned regarding Biden’s suitability for office due to age (63%) and mental fitness (57%).

In a direct competition scenario, Trump surpasses Biden by 3 percentage points (47% to 44%). However, Trump’s margin increases when additional candidates enter the fray, which indicates that third-party contenders mainly draw support away from Biden.

The detailed poll outcomes for March 20-21 by Harvard CAPS-Harris are as follows:

  • Trump at 41%
  • Biden at 36%
  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at 14%
  • Jill Stein and Cornel West each at 1%
  • Undecided 6%

Narrowing the matchup down to Trump, Biden and RFK Jr., Trump’s advantage is slightly reduced to a 4-point lead:

  • Trump at 41%
  • Biden at 37%
  • RFK Jr. at 15%

This poll underscores a growing anxiety about Biden’s capabilities, with a significant portion of respondents seeing his performance deteriorating. Moreover, concerns about electing a mentally unfit president are considered “dangerous” by 60% of those surveyed.

Additionally, voters said they were skeptical about Biden’s denial that he was not involved in Hunter Biden’s business dealings, with 56% believing he misrepresented his non-involvement and 71% considering it an impeachable offense if he collaborated with his son in securing foreign deals.

In related findings inflation and immigration emerge as pivotal concerns for voters approaching the general election. Immigration leads as the top issue for 36%, closely followed by inflation at 33%.

Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll co-director Mark Penn notes immigration’s rising importance and the electorate’s plea for enhanced border security. He also points out that Republicans hold an advantage in current issue concerns.

This poll comes at the same time that the Biden administration faces growing criticism over its immigration policies, highlighted by its legal fight against Texas’ over migrant arrests and recent Customs and Border Protection data reflecting a surge in arrests.

This Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll research was conducted by The Harris Poll and HarrisX among 2,111 registered voters in mid-March, though a margin of error was not specified.

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