Biden Burned

Joe Biden

(Patriot.Buzz) – Highlighting Republican efforts to hold the Biden family accountable for their suspect dealings with foreign entities, a House committee released crucial documents pertaining to Hunter and Joe Biden’s secretive business activities.

These recent developments come after the House Ways and Means Committee held an extensive confidential meeting with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) informants Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler.

The hearing delved into private tax records, safeguarded under Section 6103 of the tax code, as confirmed by Chairman Jason Smith. The outcome was the disclosure of the IRS whistleblowers’ testimony, alongside 12 additional documents cumulatively spanning 56 pages, which were scrutinized during this executive session.

In his opening remarks, Chairman Smith underscored the gravity of these revelations, stating, “These documents provide further proof that President Biden was not truthful when he told the American people he knew nothing about his son’s business dealings, which involved selling the Biden brand around the world.”

He highlighted that the evidence indicated over 50 email exchanges between Joe Biden and his son’s business associate, Eric Schwerin, notably intensifying during Biden’s vice-presidential visits to Ukraine.

This release coincided with a comprehensive report from the House Ways and Means Committee, House Judiciary Committee, and House Oversight Committee, scrutinizing the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) departure from standard procedures in the Hunter Biden case.

The Biden impeachment inquiry, driven by these committees, aims to unravel the depth of Joe Biden’s role in his son’s foreign business engagements. A pivotal aspect of this investigation involves the testimony of the IRS whistleblowers, who have accused the DOJ of unfairly favoring Hunter Biden in the inquiries into his tax filings and a firearm purchase.

Back in June, Shapley and Ziegler testified before the House Ways and Means Committee, asserting that the authority in Hunter Biden’s case was improperly managed by U.S. Attorney David Weiss, a Trump appointee, as of last October. Their allegations extend to the DOJ’s procrastination and obstruction in the investigation.

Subsequent revelations from the House Ways and Means Committee in late September bolstered the whistleblowers’ claims, corroborated by additional IRS employees. Moreover, the House GOP’s impeachment inquiry has unveiled that the Biden family and associates amassed over $24 million from international sources within five years.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer recently disclosed that Hunter Biden transferred monthly sums from a bank account fed by Chinese business dealings to his father.