Biden ‘Crime Family’ Warned

Red light

(Patriot.Buzz) – Expanding the scope of the investigation on his involvement in criminal foreign business dealings run by his son, House Republicans are intensifying their impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden, suggesting the investigation could extend to additional family members.

In relation to this inquiry, Hunter Biden is currently facing nine felony tax charges linked to his overseas business ventures in Ukraine and China.

In a recent interview, Republican Rep. Harriet Hageman of Wyoming highlighted concerns about using over 20 limited liability companies (LLCs) allegedly established by Biden family members. These entities reportedly received portions of income from Hunter Biden’s foreign business activities.

Hageman criticized this arrangement, stating, “[The money was] poured into another LLC and then used by various Biden family members to pay their expenses. They weren’t paying taxes on it. Again, these were shell companies. They weren’t providing a service.”

The House Oversight and Accountability Committee, leading the investigation into Joe Biden’s alleged involvement in his son’s dealings, has uncovered evidence suggesting direct financial links to Joe Biden. This includes a $40,000 payment in 2017 from James Biden and his wife Sara Biden, labeled as a “loan repayment,” believed to be part of a more substantial $5 million payment from a Chinese firm to Hunter Biden’s holding company, Hudson West III.

Republican Rep. Randy Weber of Texas expressed the necessity of understanding the full extent of the Biden family’s involvement, saying, “Usually in these kinds of instances … they were including a lot of other family members. So the question then becomes: exactly how broad was that web?”

Evidence gathered by the Committee could lead to broader implications Joe Biden, as Republican Rep. Greg Steube of Florida suggested: “[A]s they do the subpoenas and get the financial information back for all these different LLCs … you will likely see more payments to Joe Biden from those accounts and that’s why we need to open the impeachment inquiry.”

The inquiry’s expansion to other family members is still under consideration, with some members, like Rep. Neal Dunn of Florida, acknowledging only “tantalizing evidence” at this stage. However, the objective remains clear: to thoroughly investigate the financial entanglements of the Biden family and expose any potential misconduct. As Republican Rep. Chip Roy of Texas stated, “There’s lots of things we need to pursue to be able to see where the truth leads.”