Biden Gets Good and Bad News

Joe Biden

(Patriot.Buzz) – As former President Donald Trump gears up to fight the Manhattan Democratic-led witch hunt seeking to damage his reputation, Joe Biden’s minions are doing a victory dance over a polling rebound for Biden.

Indeed, a recent New York Times-Siena poll over the weekend shows a narrowing gap between Biden and Trump on a national level, with a neck-and-neck race of 45% to 46%.

However, this is where the good news for Democrats ends.

Biden consistently trails behind Trump in battleground states, as seen in a Wall Street Journal poll that sees Trump ahead by as much as 8% in six out of seven key states.

Furthermore, in areas where Biden claims victories such as the economy and foreign relations, the NYT-Siena poll reveals voters prefer Trump over Biden.

When it comes to scoring their presidencies, 42% of registered voters said Trump’s was “mostly good for America,” compared to a mere 25% who feel the same about Biden’s.

In contrast, 46% view Biden’s presidency as “mostly bad for America,” against 33% for Trump.

Even in areas such as defending “democracy,” where Biden has attempted to position himself against Trump, they are deadlocked at 31% on whether they are “good” for democracy.

This result particularly bothers the Biden campaign, which has centered its narrative around Trump’s alleged threat to democratic values.

Despite Biden’s narrative, 69% of registered voters see him as “too old to be an effective president,” unlike Trump, who is only four years his junior.

Biden’s approach to immigration and foreign conflicts also receives a cold reception, with disapproval ratings of 64% and 61% respectively, in contrast to Trump’s tenure.

With such a backdrop, Biden’s campaign appears to be putting its hopes on abortion, but Trump has taken the lead in the debate by insisting that abortion rights should be determined by the states following the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Additionally, Biden’s narrative on the economy and inflation has sparked nothing but skepticism.

Although Biden claims he reduced inflation, the public’s experience at the grocery store and gas pump tells a different story, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals a steady rise in inflation over the past six months.

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