Biden Impeachment News


(Patriot.Buzz) – In a significant move seeking accountability for his secretive dealings with foreign agents, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan indicated the possibility of introducing articles of impeachment against Joe Biden within the initial half of 2024.

This move follows the commencement of an impeachment inquiry initiated in mid-September by former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. This inquiry focuses on Biden’s connections with his son Hunter’s international business ventures.

Anticipating a House-wide vote on the impeachment inquiry, possibly occurring this week, Jordan expressed the committee’s intention to interview several key witnesses in the upcoming months. He stated, “We want to talk to those last several witnesses, and we want to make that happen as quickly as possible. We think we can do that relatively quick.”

Jordan’s list of desired deponents includes James Biden, Tony Bobulinski, Rob Walker, Eric Schwerin, and Kevin Morris. He emphasized, “We want to talk to the people who were directly in business with Hunter Biden.”

The House Oversight Committee, under the leadership of Chairman James Comer, issued subpoenas in early November to Hunter and James Biden, as well as to Rob Walker, a former business associate. Hunter Biden is scheduled to testify on December 13. Additionally, the committee has requested an interview with Tony Bobulinski, another former business associate.

Jordan highlighted the necessity of a formal vote on an impeachment inquiry despite McCarthy initiating the inquiry without one.

“We assume at some point there’s going to be some challenge in court, we just think it helps you in court. You don’t need it from the Constitution, you can start an impeachment inquiry based on — we’re doing it, speaker of the House said it three months ago, but we think it always helps if the full House of Representatives is on record, and a majority of that body has said, ‘we are in an official impeachment inquiry,'” Jordan explained.

Investigations have revealed that the Biden family and its affiliates have accumulated over $24 million from foreign sources over five years, with a significant focus on their association with Burisma. In this Ukrainian energy company, Hunter Biden served as a board member.