Dems Petrified by This!

(Patriot.Buzz) – Running around in circles not knowing how to manage an ineffective leader and his policies, the war in Israel has got Democrats scared since it has become a significant political problem for Joe Biden and other candidates as elections approach.

The ongoing conflict, which was caused by the Hamas terror attacks in Israel on October 7, has caused Democratic voters to call out Israel’s actions and threatens the political landscape for Democrats seeking unity behind Biden.

The pressure is rising within the Democratic ranks as they demand Biden distance himself from Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to avoid political fallout.

“The sooner Biden can break from [Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu] in a major way, then the better off he will be politically,” said a House Democrat. “It’s not just the progressives who are angry about the U.S. support of the Gaza operation — it’s now broader than that.”

The worsening situation has been marked by protests and organized boycotts against Biden and the growing liberal discontent with his administration’s handling of the war.

The Biden administration has tried to calm Democrats by urging Israel to minimize civilian casualties while facing internal pressure to call for humanitarian aid to Gaza.

In a sign that Biden’s foreign misfires are causing turmoil within his party, one Senate Democratic aide stated, “The question is: When can you bring this conflict to an end? Democrats want to end this as soon as possible, because it’s the right thing to do and it’s a political necessity.”

However, the U.S.’ decision to aid its close ally has added to the controversy over the potential U.S. military sale to Israel. The move has sparked fury within the Democratic Party which already blasted previous arms sales that bypassed congressional approval.

Progressive Senator Bernie Sanders was not shy in his criticism, saying, “Yeah, I am [worried about November]. The polling is very clear: The Democratic base wants to stop funding Netanyahu’s war machine.”

A Gallup poll shows that Democratic support (18%) for Israel’s defensive war has declined in comparison to Republican approval (64%), and Biden’s approval ratings over his handling of the situation have dipped.

Discussing the party’s plans ahead of the elections, a Democratic strategist revealed, “​Everyone in the party should be concerned about every vote in every state, which is why you see Dems trying to expand the map.”

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