Good Riddance!

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(Patriot.Buzz) – In a clear rebuke of her damaging progressive policies, leftwing extremist Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee lost Houston’s mayoral runoff by a large margin, marking a notable shift in the city’s political landscape.

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Signaling a desire to work with Republicans, Democratic State Sen. John Whitmire triumphed over Jackson Lee, securing a decisive victory with 65% of the vote against Jackson Lee’s 34%. Whitmire’s win marks a significant change in Houston’s governance as he prepares to take office as mayor.

During his victory speech, Whitmire underscored the importance of respect and courtesy in leadership, seemingly referencing Jackson Lee’s recent controversies. “People want to go to work for me because we respect people. We don’t bully people,” Whitmire stated, according to the Houston Chronicle. He emphasized the value of treating others as one wishes to be treated, a principle he attributed to his family’s teachings.

Jackson Lee, a long-standing Democratic representative first elected to the House in 1994, faced a challenging campaign marked by setbacks, including a leaked audio recording where she was heard using profane language towards her staff.

In one part of the recording, Jackson Lee expressed frustration in harsh terms, stating, “When I called Jerome, he only sits up there like a fat [expletive], just talking about what the [expletive] he doesn’t know. Both of y’all are [expletive]-ups… This is the worst [expletive] that I could’ve ever had put together. Two [expletive] big [expletive] children. [Expletive] idiots. Serve no [expletive] purpose.”

Further complicating her campaign, Jackson Lee’s team released an advertisement mistakenly instructing voters to cast their ballots on December 7, two days before the actual election date of December 9. The ad, which aired on Houston television channels, was later corrected by her campaign.

Before the election, a University of Houston poll revealed that over 40% of respondents were unwilling to vote for Jackson Lee, starkly contrasting the 15% who expressed the same sentiment for Whitmire.

Despite her defeat, Jackson Lee, who was re-elected to office in 2022 with a nearly 45-point margin and previously served as a municipal judge in Houston, claims she will remain committed to the city.

Both Jackson Lee’s and Whitmire’s campaigns did not immediately respond to requests for comment when approached.