PROOF: Voters Fleeing Biden

Joe Biden

(Patriot.Buzz) – Underscoring the Democratic Party’s capitulation to the whims of the extreme left, Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez expressed concern about the party’s alienation of its traditional voting base, suggesting a shift towards the Republican Party.

In a recent appearance on Fox News’ “Jesse Watters Primetime,” Lopez articulated that the disenchantment stems not only from dissatisfaction with Joe Biden but also from the fact that the Democratic Party has veered too far left, neglecting the core interests and values of its long-standing supporters.

Lopez, a Democrat himself, highlighted the growing disillusionment within the party’s ranks, pointing out that many Democratic voters feel abandoned by the party’s current trajectory.

“What they say about Joe Biden and indeed the entire Democratic Party as a whole is that most of the Democratic voters feel as though this party no longer represents them,” Lopez stated. He emphasized that this sentiment is not just about Biden but encompasses a broader discontent with the party’s direction.

According to Lopez, the drift towards more extreme left-wing policies and the influence of groups like the ‘squad’ and socialists within the party are key factors driving traditional Democratic voters towards the Republican Party.

“That it’s been lurching too far to the left to the extreme, trying to placate the socialists, the ‘squad’, and all the rest of them while leaving a vast majority of our voting base off in the wilderness with nowhere else to go but to the embrace of the Republican Party,” he explained.

This shift, Lopez warned, is not a voluntary realignment but a reaction to feeling marginalized and overlooked. He expressed concern about the potential impact of this dynamic in crucial swing states, highlighting its significance in the upcoming 2024 presidential elections.

“And in a very close election — which we expect to be between President Trump and President Biden again, facing off — losing 10% of your base, because you push them to the side can mean all the difference in states like not just Illinois, but in all those swing states that they’re going to need to win back the presidency,” Lopez stated.

Support for Biden has been waning, as evidenced by his plummeting approval ratings. A TIPP poll revealed a significant drop from 39% in November to 33% in December, with a notable 7.9-point decline in approval among Democratic voters. Hypothetical national polls further corroborate this trend for the 2024 elections, where former President Donald Trump currently holds a lead over Biden.