They Still Hate Each Other?

(Patriot.Buzz) – Some might have thought that four years would be enough to turn things around, but although Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell from Kentucky officially backed former President Trump’s latest presidential run, their relationship remains ice cold.

Dеspite his formal еndorsemеnt, McConnell has not talkеd to Trump even though some of his key deputies—Senate GOP Whip John Thune of South Dakota and Senator John Cornyn of Tеxas—have personally tried to make amends with the formеr president.

Although most of the Senate GOP caucus now backs Trump, McConnell and a small group of Senators, including Todd Young of Indiana, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Mitt Romney of Utah and Susan Collins of Maine, refuse to back down.

Notably, Cassidy, Murkowski, Romney and Collins voted for Trump’s Democratic-led impeachment on charges that he incited the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot.

McConnell stood his ground against Trump regarding his speech on the Senate floor back on February 13, 2021, where he labeled Trump as “practically and morally responsible” for the Capitol incident.

He even stated that his main goal was to ensure a Republican majority in the Senate, not defending Trump against Democratic criticisms.

Unlike others in the party who may overlook Trump’s past reproaches, McConnell’s endorsement appears to be rooted in party loyalty rather than a change of opinion about Trump’s character or leadership capabilities.

In a recent interview with Louisville radio host Terry Meiners, McConnell acknowledged the ongoing chill in his relationship with Trump despite publicly supporting him after he secured the GOP nomination.

When asked if he has had any contact with Trump, McConnell said, “Oh, I’ve got my hands full dealing with the Senate” and refused to discuss Trump any further.

Their cool relationship dates back to December 2020, when the Republican leader and the former president stopped talking to each other.

Moreover, McConnell revealed that endorsing Trump was a matter of political pragmatism rather than personal choice. “It is abundantly clear that former President Trump has earned the requisite support of Republican voters to be our nominee for President of the United States,” McConnell said.

“It should come as no surprise that as nominee, he will have my support,” he added.

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