‘They’re Leaving in Droves’

(Patriot.Buzz) – Feeling highly concerned about his party’s losing its core voting base ahead of this year’s general election, a major Democratic strategist expressed deep fear over the diminishing presence of young minority voters within the Democratic Party.

Describing the trend as “horrifying,” James Carville, the man behind Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign, has been calling out his party on his podcast, “Carville’s Classroom.”

He highlighted the significant drop in support among younger African Americans, Latinos and other minorities, mainly males, saying, “We’re not shedding them, they’re leaving in droves.”

Recent data backs Carville’s alarm: a Gallup survey revealed a steep decline in Democratic identification among black adults and a thinning margin among Hispanics leaning Democratic.

The poll shows that 66% of black adults identify as Democrats while 19% are Republicans, which marks a huge change from 2020 when 77% identified as Democrats and just 11% as Republicans.

Additionally, 47% of Hispanics said they are Democrats while 35% said they are Republicans, while 57% identified as Democrats and 26% as Republicans in 2021.

These shifts in demographics show a stark contrast and suggest the Democratic Party is currently highly vulnerable since it has historically relied on these groups as part of its core voting base.

Joe Biden’s approval ratings among these critical demographics have similarly declined, as seen in several polls showing a loss in support among black voters and competitive edges for former President Donald Trump among younger and Hispanic voters.

Carville stressed that Democrats needed to explain the long-term “consequences” of a potential Trump reelection, particularly for young black and Hispanic Americans who will be allegedly affected “for the next 35 years.”

“We’re not going to convince under 30, under 35, ‘Oh, we really built a great country for you.’ You’re looking at this job market … I don’t think you’re going to buy that,” he said.

He then urged the Democratic Party to engage young voters more effectively by warning it should refrain from championing the liberal agenda. “Forget birth control pills, forget reproductive rights, forget environmental protections. Forget anything,” he added.

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