House Republicans Facing Civil War

Photo by Darren Halstead on Unsplash

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries from New York stated on Sunday that internal conflicts within the House Republicans are heightening the likelihood of a government shutdown.

He emphasized that the GOP appears divided over impeachment discussions and government budget matters. These have become central issues since the House reconvened after their August break.

Jeffries expressed on ABC’s “This Week” that, “There’s a clear internal struggle within the House Republicans. Such struggles often lead to chaos, dysfunction, and extreme views.”

He further elaborated that this internal discord among House Republicans negatively impacts the American taxpayers and hinders problem-solving efforts. He said, “While these disruptions are unfortunate, we, the House Democrats, remain committed to seeking mutual ground with our counterparts.”

The statements by Jeffries come at a critical time when the House has a limited window of two weeks to approve a continuing resolution to avert a government shutdown.

On the topic of budget, there’s a noticeable divide among Republicans. Some conservatives are advocating for more significant cuts than the previously agreed upon limits during a deal to elevate the debt ceiling.

Additionally, there’s a rift in the GOP regarding the impeachment of President Biden. Senate Republicans believe that an impeachment inquiry might adversely affect the party.

The House Republicans are also split regarding their leader, Speaker Kevin McCarthy from California. Some members feel he should step down. Recent internal meetings revealed McCarthy’s exasperation with his critics, as highlighted by a comment reported by Rep. Brian Mast of Florida.

The move to vacate would essentially imply voting out the House Speaker.

Democrats like Jeffries are emphasizing that if a shutdown does occur, the responsibility would squarely lie on the House GOP.

Jeffries, on the same Sunday show, voiced his hopes that the “House Republicans will cooperate to ensure government funding, focusing on the health, safety, and economic prosperity of Americans, instead of getting sidetracked by unwarranted political maneuvers.”

He also took a moment to comment on the impeachment discussions, stating there’s no concrete evidence pointing to any impeachable actions by President Biden. He called the discussions “an invalid impeachment inquiry.”

Jeffries concluded by questioning why, amidst numerous pressing matters, the House Republicans would bring up “this invalid impeachment inquiry” that distracts from addressing the needs of the American public.