JD Vance Warns of ‘A Massive Betrayal’

(Patriot.Buzz) – Underscoring why Republicans must crush Democrats this fall and achieve a unified government, Senator JD Vance from Ohio recently vented his frustration toward the House Republican leadership over congressional matters.

During a conversation with Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Vance made a strong case for bringing border security initiatives into any planned foreign aid legislation.

Vance said he did not agree with the possibility that the House, under Republican Speaker Mike Johnson, might advance a Democratic-tailored bill giving Ukraine substantial financial aid without addressing the critical issues facing the U.S. southern border.

Emphasizing that prioritizing domestic concerns was equally important, Vance criticized the potential move as a “disgrace” and a “massive betrayal” not only to Republican voters but to all Americans.

“Why would people elect Republicans if Republicans are more focused on the border of another country than the border of our own country?” he said.

The senator called on Speaker Johnson to remain strong and steady and to use the situation as leverage to demand Democrats in the Senate for enhanced border security measures as part of the Biden administration’s obligations.

“Speaker Johnson really shows some steely resolve here, pushes back against the craziness, and tells the Biden administration, you don’t get a dime for your foreign priorities until you do your job and secure the border,” he stated.

Vance also said it was crucial for former President Donald Trump to return to the presidency in 2024, underscoring that the former president’s strict immigration and border policies were crucial to address the current border crisis.

However, he also had words for fellow lawmakers: “But I don’t want to let congressional Republicans off the hook here, because we actually do have leverage. We just have to be willing to actually use it.”

Vance’s remarks reflect growing tensions within the Republican Party regarding the allocation of foreign aid using tax-payer money.

Vance has been especially concerned in light of a $95 billion bill passed by the Democrat-controlled Senate that supports Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan but fails to include the border security enhancements sought by Americans seeing the country taken over by illegals.

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